Pistol Parlour

FN FNX-45 Tactical with Silencerco Osprey 45 you know we got these guys!

LWRC Spartan 5.56 come check out the entire line of LWRC’s!

We Carry the entire line of Advanced Armament Corperation Suppressor systems and accessories!

Parabellum Armament AK47 systems!

Classic AK47

WE carry all of your black aces tactical rail systems for remington 870, mossberg 500/590, and saiga 12 shotguns.

We carry all of Daniel Defenses Rifles, Short barrels, and accessories.

FN Scar 17′s and 16′s are housed here!

More ak’s we love them middle eastern guns

Grey LWRC….do they exist….come find out!

Want to make your grandpa’s M1A so much cooler…yeah we got this stuff!

Magpul….need i say more

MDT chassis for remington and mossberg bolt actions…..again everyone needs a cool bolt gun!

Bravo, magpul, cans, optics….we got it all!

Noveske…nothing but the best!

XDM competition series…..thats right….bow down.

This guy looks cool…could be you…

Concealed carry necessities including this shield!

Sig Brace!

Sig tactical 1911′S

Silencerco suppressor systems!

STI 2011 9′s 40′s and 45′s!

IWI Tavor….a beast buy name…

Need 15 rds of shotgun…..say hello to the UTAS


ppWelcome to Pistol Parlour

You have just stumbled upon the living, breathing, realm and home of all things tactical. We carry everything from Tactical Firearms, bags, self defense products, concealed

purses, ammunition, all the accessories of your wildest dreams, and even the things that we will instill into your future dreams. Come and search this sight and I promise you

that you will find something that you did not know even existed….and yes….we carry it. We carry the largest selection of holsters, firearm accessories, and yes one of the biggest

firearms selections. If we dont have something…..we bet we are listening….and will probably be carrying it the following week….so help us out….tell us whats cool…..and we will

get it for you! Have fun exploring this sight…..get napkins….you might be drooling. 

Pistol Parlour